PushSquare's Most Anticipated PlayStation Games Of Holiday 2010: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

"Another Assassin's Creed game?" we exclaimed. "Already?" Our fears were elevated when we found out that the game was to have a multiplayer focus. "MULTIPLAYER!?! In Assassin's Creed? Now you're joking, right?"

Turns out our fears were completely unwarranted, however. The multiplayer sounds brilliant. Instead of having you run around in deathmatch environments hitting people with swords (like we feared!), the multiplayer has you taking on the role of an assassin. Like, a real assassin. Here you'll need to blend into crowds, stalk your victims and take out your rivals in complete stealth. What's certain to be cool about Brotherhood's multiplayer is how it adheres to a complete new skill-set. Your Call Of Duty ability won't apply here, so, certainly while the games in its infancy, the playing field should be pretty even. That excites us.

Those not so into multiplayer will be pleased to find a complete single-player campaign in Brotherhood too. It continues the story of Ezio, now older and wiser. We daresay that the campaign will feel similar to Assassin's Creed II, but that was a stunning game and we could settle for more.

It's the multiplayer we're truly excited for though. It's been a long time since someone truly tried something new with online competitive play, and we're excited to see how things shake out in Brotherhood.