Capcom & Namco's Revealed Both Street Fighter X Tekken & Tekken X Street Fighter For The PlayStation 3.

The game's in development for the PlayStation 3. Joined on-stage by Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada, the duo proved the game's existence by playing a round of the game live on a PS3.

Interestingly, while Street Fighter X Tekken was the focus of the presentation - it wasn't the only game announced. Harada revealed that Tekken X Street Fighter is also in development at Namco HQ. While Street Fighter X Tekken will play out on a 2D-plane via the SFIV engine, Tekken X Street Fighter is rumoured to take advantage of the three-dimensional Tekken engine.

No date's been announced, but it's some way off apparently. The fanboy in us is doing backflips right now.


Here's some shaky-cam footage of Street Fighter X Tekken in action, courtesy of iPlayWinner: