Sonic Adventure Was Fantastic Alright. Alright? Stop Sniggering.

Perhaps. But we still remember that cold, dark winter day sometime after Christmas. We were younger back then, and new games consoles felt like the unattainable holy grail with which every inch of our persona must work towards. The Dreamcast was out, and every nerve in our body ached for SEGA's new system. It was shortly after Christmas, and with some present money from that, and our entire N64 library alongside us, we headed into Birmingham, where a second-hand (already!?) Dreamcast sat aloft the cash registers.

We waited anxiously as we traded in our entire collection of Nintendo 64 games. One by one the pile lessened. Super Mario 64. Ocarina Of Time. Turok (!!?). With the total calculated we checked our funds - we could afford a Dreamcast and a single copy of Sonic Adventure. Jubilation. Ecstasy.

Despite not aging particularly well at all, we still adore Sonic Adventure with every inch of our body. So seeing the game rated by the ESRB for Playstation 3 release is particularly exciting.

We might be the only ones. But YES! Sonic Adventure. This paves the way for Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio and more behind. We're basically going to buy every Dreamcast game SEGA re-release. Because you can never get enough Dreamcast.