It's Like Micro-Machines, Without The Huge Pencils.

Bet you wish you went to Uni now don't you? Anyway, yes. PixelJunk Racers - the black-sheep in the PixelJunk franchise. It's not that it wasn't any good (it was), it's just that the game's been overshadowed by the likes of Shooter, Eden and Monsters. Q-Games aim to rectify that with a cheap and cheerful DLC pack for the top-down racer — PixelJunk Racers: 2nd Lap.

According to Japanese specialists Andriasang, the update pack will launch on the Japanese PSN this coming July 1st. It'll sell for <span>¥500, roughly $5.50 in American money.The pack will add trophy support and a new Ghost Attack Mode. Hopefully the Western release won't be far behind. We're looking forward to jumping into this.