Smash Cars Will Be Getting Infected From Next Week.

The pack, entitled Smash Cars: Virus Run, will hit the American Playstation Store on June 8th, and the European Store a week later on June 16th.

For $2.99 (€2.99), the Virus Run pack includes an all new online, six-player racing mode in which one randomly selected player becomes the group's foe. "The 'infected' player rushes the racetrack with the ability to contaminate other contestants and ruin their chances of victory," the press release notes. "Once the infected player hits an opponent’s car, the victim joins the efforts."

The pack will also include a new skate park environment, with half-pipes and spring-boards to drift around.

Day and date with the add-on pack, Creat's announced that Smash Cars will also be getting a patch to fix some issues with the online component of the original package.

We scored the base Smash Cars package 3/4 back in September.