Sony Will Aim To Win E3 With A Sheer Breadth Of Content.

It's the hottest topic of debate in the video games industry right now. Just what are Sony going to show for their range of Playstation platforms? I've dissected the most reasonable estimates I can muster and compiled them into this week's Opinionator post. Just like 2009, I think Sony's going to be all about the games. Last year, the platform holders struggled to match Sony in terms of sheer exclusive weight, and already going by the number of announcements Sony's made, I think it's going to be a similar story this year.

The re-emergence of Gran Turismo 5. I fully expect Sony to open their show with Gran Turismo 5. It's a running joke within the games industry now because, well, journalists are snarky, so I don't expect it to generate much interest amongst the in-house crowd. The real fans will be excited though, and contrary to what the industry thinks, Gran Turismo 5 is still a big deal. They'll need to show things like multiplayer, damage and AI to win the in-house crowd over, and they'll also need a solid release date. This is a big game for Sony and it will be a strong start to the presentation. I wouldn't be surprised if Kevin Butler fronted this announcement.

Games, games, games. I'm expecting gameplay demos of all Sony's big announcements. Key emphasis will be placed on Killzone 3, inFamous 2 and LittleBigPlanet 2. I expect Sony to show-off some of LBP 2's creations that just wouldn't have been possible in the original game. I expect the big game demos to be spread out throughout the show, rather than in one big chunk.

A new entry in the Syphon Filter franchise. What's Sony Bend doing? They've been silent since Resistance Retribution. We know they're doing something, and we know it's probably Syphon Filter related. I expect a Syphon Filter PS3 announcement and trailer at some point during the show.

Big-hitting Last Guardian. Sony's biggest reveal last year was spoiled - The Last Guardian's trailer was leaked a few weeks prior to E3, killing much of the announcement's impact dead. Still, The Last Guardian is one of the most anticipated games in the PS3's history, and we expect a massive showcase during Sony's press conference. Expect an appearance from Team Ico's Fumito Ueda.

A new dimension. I'm still debating whether or not Sony will run their entire conference in 3D. It would make sense, but I don't whether or not it would be the best move. With in-house journalists so easily tainted by the slighest portions of an E3 press conference (and the impact so important), I think it would be a bad move for Sony to show their entire conference in 3D. However, I do think they'll be a big emphasis on which future release will (or will not) support the new tech.

Expansion of the Playstation Network. PSN+ is going to be announced at E3 without a doubt. But I'm hoping PSN+ includes more than a basic subscription to PSN content. I want the PSN interface overhauled. I want detailed profile information. I'm wondering whether this subscription will be tied into Sony's upcoming MMO onslaught, with Free Realms and DC Universe Online all set to hit the PS3 this year. I hope the feature-set's good and its priced reasonably. I think it's going to have to be cheaper than XBOX Live.

A Portable picture. I fully expect Sony to run through a montage of upcoming Playstation Portable content. The biggest emphasis will probably be placed on the upcoming PSP God Of War title, though I wouldn't be surprised if there was another big PSP announcement of some kind.

A Portable sequel. And not to be out-done by Nintendo's inevitable 3DS announcement, I fully anticipate that Sony will announce plans for their upcoming PSP. I only expect the tiniest details to be announced, but I think it's coming. The problem is, how will a PSP2 announcement cannibalise current PSP sales? Perhaps the PSP2's announcement will come written under-the-lines — it's about time the PSP got a price-drop isn't it?

Rockstar's secret Agent. Rockstar reckon they won't be making an appearance at E3, but I think it would be silly to assume there'll be no trailer (or more) for last year's shock announcement - Agent. I'm expecting details, trailers and a gameplay demo, and I'm very much looking forward to it.

Cage's next experiment. I think one of Sony's biggest surprises will be the appearance of David Cage. Heavy Rain was a break-out hit that I don't think anyone truly expected, and I anticipate that Cage will be on-hand to discuss his next project. Will it tie into Playstation Move and will it be the motion controller's killer-app?

Playstation Move, Move, Move. Sony's initial Playstation Move announcement got the job done. It showed off the tech, showed off the accuracy of the tech, and gave an indication of what Sony's aiming for with Move. Now we need the killer-app. The game that everyone says "OH!". For me that's Grand Slam Tennis, but I sense the rest of the industry will want something a bit more. It could be Ape Escape PS3, it could be something totally different - but you sense Move needs something that makes everyone collectively woo at the technology. That's a hard thing to nail, but I have faith in Sony's Worldwide Studios. If Natal doesn't offer the type of experience people are anticipating - this could absolutely be Sony's opportunity to capitalise big-time on mind-share.

Uncharted 3, 2011. Given the success of Uncharted 2, I think we'll definitely see something on Uncharted 3. It doesn't have to particularly say, or show anything. A black screen with a one-line quote from Nolan North and the Uncharted 3 logo would be more than enough. It would be the perfect closer.

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