Not This Goro!

Love it. It's consistently brilliant. But with a PSP Yakuza title in the works, we had hoped SEGA would take a break from their annual release schedule and take a bit longer with the next home-console entry in the franchise. They're not — there's a new Yakuza game in development right now for the PlayStation 3. Talk about cranking them out.

Unlike other games in the franchise, protagonist Kazuma Kiryu will be notably absent. The latest game will focus on Goro Majima, who you may remember as the crazy eye-patch dude from Yakuza 3.

It's not going to be simple colour-by-numbers though. The new Yakuza will focus on "destruction". The team's apparently reworking the engine to fit this.

Yakuza 4's due out in the US and Europe next year. No date for the new, new Yakuza.

By the way, don't get confused with this Goro from a different SEGA game.