What The Hell Is A "Razing Storm" Anyway? Anyone?

We just can't help it. We even bought the dodgy iPhone version β€” a touch screen version; we know, it's mad, without a gun it's not even Time Crisis. But it had Time Crisis written on it, so we bought it.

Therefore, one particularly title hidden among Sony's PlayStation Move montage caused a minor squeel to utter from between our pursed lips: Time Crisis: Razing Storm. The game's heading exclusively to the PlayStation 3 will full compatibility for the PlayStation Move. It'll support GunCon 3 if you want it to, but we doubt many of you've got that.

The game, a bit like Time Crisis 4, supports two different modes: traditional shoot things in the face rails-shooter, or a new free-roam mode which gives you full control over your character. They're even throwing in an 8-player online battle mode, which sounds like it'll be a disaster. We'll see.

What's kinda neat is that Time Crisis: Razing Storm will also feature the full version of Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates β€” so you're basically getting three games for the price of one.

Of course, if you do choose to get this, you're probably going to be wanting the PlayStation Move zapper too. Here's hoping for some kind of Zapper bundle.