The Last Guardian Wasn't At E3, But Probably Will Show Up At TGS.

Sony's Scott Rohde's has explained that the game's absence was due to timing and nothing more.

The SCEA man told 1Up: “The best way I can answer that is something that Sony does — and we’re very proud of this — is that we’re going to ship a game when we feel it’s ready.

“When it’s fully baked and when it’s ready. And with everything else that we’re showing at this show, we announced a million different things at this show, we just didn’t feel that the timing was right to show that product at this show.

“We’re going to show it when it’s ready, and when we think that it’s worthy to show based on everything else that developer has done.”

When you've got a mind like Fumito Ueda making games for you, then it's probably best to afford him the creative freedom to achieve his aims. And while Fumito wasn't rushed to get something ready to show at this year's E3, Sony's Ron Eagles did hint that the game might appear at the Tokyo Game Show.

“And there’s more dates on the calendar than just E3. Read into that what you will. There’s nothing official that we can tell you other than The Last Guardian continues in production and we can’t wait to show you what Ueda-San has been up to. The game looks fantastic.”