That's right, The Cure. We were going to poo-poo all over this Rock Band 3 trailer because, honestly, we couldn't care less about it. But then "Just Like Heaven" came on, and we realised that Rock Band 3's keyboard (keep up!) accessory would make it perfect for the entire The Cure back-catalogue. And then we were sort of excited. For a minute or two.

The big news aside from the new keyboard accessory is the guitar we mentioned above. The game will sell alongside a new six-string peripheral crafted by Fender. This will make up Rock Band 3's "pro guitar" mode, where in essence you'll be playing real guitar riffs, or close to them. Naturally is designed for pro-players. However, with Rock Band's typical features (such as half-speed and tiered difficulty), those looking to learn a thing or two about playing real guitar could probably do worse than this. Which is actually very neat.

We recommend you check out Jeff Gerstmann's preview of the game over at GiantBomb. He goes pretty deep. Just another quick snippet we pulled out - the keyboard has a MIDI-out port, which instantly makes it more interesting for us.