PlayStation Move's Launching In September From $49.99.

Europe will get the device on September 15th, while the US will have to wait a few days until September 19th. Japan will get it on October 21st.

The magical part of the announcement was when Sony announced the price-points. While it'll cost you $99.99 to get the whole package (that's PlayStation Move, PlayStation Eye and Sports Champions), Sony also revealed that the individual PlayStation Move controllers will sell for $49.99. Which is when it clicked for us — "PlayStation Move from $49.99." Right, right? That's magic. With a speculated $149.99 price-point for Microsoft's Kinect, it makes you wonder how Microsoft will compete.

Sony also announced that a PlayStation 3 bundle (with a system, Move, Eye and Sports Champions) would retail for $399.99. Perhaps a bit high for the casual audience, but still a great deal when you factor in the HD and blu-ray player.

The PlayStation Move subcontroller will retail seperately for $29.99. No word on British pricing yet.

In addition to the PlayStation Move's price-point, Sony revealed that they will be teaming up with Coca-Cola to promote the device, something Jack Tretton described as their biggest promotion for years.