Eminem's Set To Feature In The Latest Call Of Duty's Soundtrack.

Of all those titles, music by Usher, Eminem, Soundgarden, Pharrell Williams and David Guetta makes sense in two.

"Activision’s autumn titles are set to give gamers an unparalleled musical experience,” said Bobby Kotick in an Activision press release. “We have assembled an exceptionally talented roster of artists, many of whom have created exclusive or originally recorded tracks for our games.

“We are sure our titles will offer a variety of tracks that will appeal to our wide consumer base and delight the most passionate music and gaming fans."

Braaaaappp. Perhaps the biggest news out of this is that Eminem will feature in Call Of Duty: Black Ops' soundtrack. As GaintBomb's Jeff Gerstmann put it - "An Eminem Track. [One of the] things your cold war shooter probably doesn't need."