Lady GaGa? DJ Hero 2? SOLD!

The over-priced (but totally awesome) mix 'em up was overshadowed by a stonking price-tag when it launched last year, but with the peripheral already in a number of homes, we're looking forward to simply picking up DJ Hero 2 on disc. We want more tracks, y'see. And we want a little less hip-hop, too.

The confirmation comes via a free track-pack launched on the XBOX Live Marketplace (boo!) today. The pack includes Lady GaGa (finally!) and DJ superstar, Deadmau5 — both of whom will appear in the sequel.

<span>"DJ Hero is giving you a taste of the never before heard mixes that will be released with DJ Hero 2 this October," the Marketplace blurb reads.

"For a limited time only, download 'Just Dance' by Lady Gaga vs. 'Ghosts 'n' Stuff' by Deadmau5. This one is on us! But you gotta get it by June 7th and then it's gone until DJ Hero 2 releases this Fall."</span>

<span>We're buying DJ Hero 2 just for the Lady GaGa stuff. Hype officially exploding.