Jaffe Lied To Us All, But The Appearance Of Sweet Tooth's Ice Cream Truck At E3 Was A Genuine Surprise.

We knew Jaffe was working on something that involved car combat, but we'd given up on that project being Twisted Metal. We'd certainly given up on it making an appearance at this year's E3. But appear it did, in somewhat glorious fashion, and the PushSquare office was prone to the odd squeal of excitement.

But with Twisted Metal so anticipated, why exactly did Jaffe spend the past 18 months lying about it?

“[E3] used to be about surprises," he explained to Joystiq, "And it used to be you’d come and you didn’t know what you were going to find on the show floor and that was a big part of the fun and you walk from booth to booth and you just discover stuff."

He added: “And the last, I don’t know, four or five years everything gets either announced or leaked before and I was just like … Sony called about four months ago and said, ‘Let’s make Twisted a surprise and let’s close the show with it.’”

“I was like, ‘Hell yeah! Let’s do that.’ But it kind of necessitated being kind of sneaky about it. To me giving fans an actual genuine E3 surprise was more valuable to me than sort of being totally honest when people ask me questions.”

With the game so hotly touted, we don't think the actual game announcement ended up being a surprise. David Jaffe turning up and revealing at E3 was a surprise though, so 10/10 for effort Mr. Jaffe. We can't wait to see more about the game.