Dance Central Could Be Heading To The PlayStation 3.

Dance Central, the Kinect only groove game, has been getting rave reviews from those who checked it out during the course of E3. And it could be coming to the PlayStation 3.

That's according to a report posted by Kotaku, who claim that Harmonix are considering using the PlayStation Move to bring the dance 'em up to the PS3. According to Kotaku, Harmonix' gaffer, Alex Rigopulos, said his studio are looking into the possibility of porting the game, adding that the studio "think it is possible".

Is this a game you'd be interested in? Going by the E3 hands-on impressions, it certainly sounds impressive. However, we don't know how over-stated those impressions are, given the game was the crown jewell of an overhyped and particularly underwhelming Kinect line-up.