Sony's E3 Conference Is Going To Be Enormous This Year.

With the longest console lifespan ever predicted, the stakes are high for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo - all of whom will be competing for the strongest software and peripheral line-up that will ensure the extension of their system's cycle.

It's also big for the third-parties, with Activision, EA, Capcom and THQ all expecting to show multiple blockbuster titles. In short - it's the most exciting E3 in a long, long time, and seasoned industry figures agree.

“This summer, the ESA will host the biggest and best E3 ever,” said EA's John Riccitello. “All the best games and all the best developers will be together in LA to unveil new titles and celebrate the creativity and new technology that makes gaming so much fun.”

And seasoned industry analyst Michael Pachter had to agree.

“I expect the 2010 E3 to be one of the most exciting in years,” he said, “With the type of impactful breaking news we have learned to expect from the show.

“This year’s E3 will be the launching pad for hardware and software innovations that could change the industry for years.”

The stakes are well and truly on the line then. Sony will be hoping that their depth of first-party content, and emphasis on motion controls with Playstation Move can win over consumers and win them the "E3 War". Just as an early prediction, we anticipate that Sony will present their E3 conference partially in 3D with Gran Turismo 5 opening the show. We expect that other game announcements will include Killzone 3, Resistance 3 and a new next-generation Syphon Filter game. We also expect the Playstation Move emphasis to be huge, with products from Media Molecule, Sony Cambridge and Studio London to be key. Sony will likely to attempt to differentiate themselves from Microsoft and Nintendo by showing some more "core" driven motion control titles: a survival horror title that's appeared briefly in Move demo-reels seems likely to get a formal demonstration. Outside of that, we wouldn't be surprised if Sony made the first mentions of a new PSP system, with an announcement teased for the later-in-the-year TGS.

It's gonna be huge folks.