Final Fantasy Versus XIII Will Look Prettier On Blu-Ray Anyway. Word.

We don't believe that was the case. However, we were averse to the XBOX 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII purely because of the way Microsoft handled it. Apparently, such is their insecurity, whatever they can share with Sony is massive win on their part. Meanwhile, Sony's expanding their portfolio all the time.

So while Final Fantasy Versus XIII - a game which has been reiterated as a Playstation 3 exclusive time after time again - will probably make the jump to the XBOX 360, our discomfort at the news comes purely from the way Microsoft will inevitably handle it.

It's not set in stone yet, but Yoichi Wada has told investors that the company are "looking into it internally until right before the formal announcement."  Director Tetsuya Nomura said recently that the announcement may not come at E3, even though he promised otherwise last year. Nomura's also stated numerous times himself that he doesn't want the game to be on XBOX 360, staking his alleigance with the Playstation platform.

But he may not get his way in the long-run. Indeed, the indecisiveness from Wada certainly opens the possibility for Microsoft to come in and "sweeten the deal" (of course, Sony might be given the same opportunity, but based on past principles it's unlikely they'd take advantage of it).

And so, it appears that Final Fantasy is very much on the verge of being a full multiplatform franchise. Microsoft will declare it as an epic-win, giving consumers yet another "reason" not to buy a Sony platform. On the other-hand, Sony's been anticipating this switch to multiplatform development. That's why they're developing and nurturing more home-grown developers and true exclusive franchises than any other platform-holder right now. And ultimately, that's why when Final Fantasy Versus XIII inevitably releases on both the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3, it won't really matter.