Pachter Reckons That The Playstation Move Is The Wii HD.

And Pachter reckons the Playstation Move is the Wii HD he's been famously touting for the past two-three years. But Pachter doesn't think it's a bad thing, he thinks it's an "easy upsell" for Sony, and a move [gettit?] that might see Nintendo losing their dominance:

“Nintendo is on the verge of – certainly not dropping into third place or anything – losing its dominance, because I really truly believe that Sony Move is the Wii HD,” he said.

“I really believe it. That’s been my quote: I told everyone a Wii HD was coming this year, it just happens to say PS3 on the box. It is the Wii HD.

“That’s a very easy upsell for Sony to say, ‘If you have a Wii and you really want to play high-def games on your new big high-def TV, we’ve got ‘em.’

“Sony is a winner and Nintendo is a loser on the console side, because the Wii Vitality Sensor isn’t going to excite anybody. But the 3DS will. If you look at Nintendo’s line-up, everything we care about is either out or known by now."

Pachter also has high expectations for Microsoft's Natal camera, though he doesn't think the device will be used in the way people expect:

“People are going to like Microsoft more than we expect,” he said. “Microsoft isn’t concerned about the gaming community with Natal, they’re concerned about the gaming community’s mothers and girlfriends.

“I really do think the gaming press has completely missed the mark on this one, that Natal is not intended for you to get up there and pretend you’re holding a rifle and playing Call of Duty. It’s intended for your mum to use the frickin’ 360 to download a movie or watch Netflix and to make it less intimidating."

Yeah - we'll stick with Playstation Move then, cheers. This E3 is going to be particularly amazing, as for the first time in many years it seems that all three console manufacturers are poised to have their biggest shows ever. Which is crazy when you think about it. Without overstating things - it's make or break.