Guerrilla Aim To Surpass Uncharted & God Of War With Killzone 3.

God Of War III then surpassed that. And now Guerrilla Games' Hermen Hulst has told VG247 about his "needs" to surpass the aforementioned titles with Killzone 3.

Describing the race for technical superiority between first-party brethren Naughty Dog and Santa Monica, Guerrilla's Hermen said the jousting is a "little game" for the studios.

“We need to [surpass Naughty Dog and Santa Monica's visual tech], right?

That’s what we do. We talk to those guys a lot, both the Santa Monica team and the guys at Naughty Dog, and that’s the little game between us as friends of the studios.

“Yes, we do that, but then again they’re working on their next games and they’re going to have to do better again. So absolutely: we need to do that.”

Speculation over the weekend suggested that Naughty Dog would be giving Guerrilla a helping-hand in the development of Killzone 3. Not that we can say they really need it. Killzone 2 was a blockbuster.