You Don't Get Any Good Racers For Years And Then... Boom.

It was released in January 2008, at a time when I didn't have to play every game that released. I picked it up sometime in September. Being a fan of arcade racers, it still bemuses me that I didn't buy it earlier, and I honestly can't for the life of me recall why. But I didn't - I picked it up late. At the time trophies were new, and Criterion had pledged a retrospective patch to all Burnout endeavours. I played the game for roughly 35 hours and then the trophy patch landed. It wasn't retrospective, so I started all over again. Immediately. 30 hours later I had my platinum trophy. I loved that game.

Honestly, I never put that much time into a game anymore. 75 hours with Burnout Paradise seems crazy. I had more time back then - I didn't have to be up to date with gaming news, nor did I have a site to contribute to. But still 75 hours — given my patience levels, that number sounds excessive. I'm the type of guy who maxes out at 20 hours. I've seen everything I need to see, I move on.

That's interesting because Modnation Racers just launched and I'm already at 23 hours. I feel like I've barely touched the surface, and United Front Games insist on rewarding my increasing create XP with new slots to upload my creations. I've got more slots than I have time, but I feel like it's my duty to fill them. United Front's rewarded my creativity with the potential to give more, and I want to repay them.

But I can't. 23 hours into Modnataion Racers and I want to keep playing. But - Split/Second also came out and I just got Blur last night. I like both of them, though I'm leaning closer to Blur.

What's your point, Twigster? Well, it's a bit like London buses. I've waited since late 2008 (and even then I was overdue) for a good arcade racer and now three have come around in the same week. This is also the year I'm expecting Gran Turismo 5 (ok, not arcadey but still on my list), Test Drive Unlimited 2 and perhaps a new MotorStorm. What are you doing to me?

Racing games are perhaps one of the few genres I can just play and play. Particularly online. For some reason I don't mind so much when I lose in a racing game. In a shooter - I get frustrated, I want to turn it off. But racing games, I keep going. I want to keep trying.

That's where Blur's got me. It's taken all of its multiplayer design choices direct from Call Of Duty. But it's put them in a racing environment and it works. Once you're in a lobby, you can spend literally hours and hours in there, competing with the rotating player-list.

Sadly, time will be my downfall. I want to play the hell out of Modnation Racers and Blur. I want to put 70 hours into each of them. But E3's coming and so are other review deadlines, I'll be lucky if I find the time. Silly release schedules.

“Twiggy” is an anonymous PushSquare columnist who has been spotted in three major cities across the globe. It’s rumoured he’s on the run from the British monarchy.