Wada's Surprised At The Internet's Reaction To His Final Fantasy Versus XIII Comments. We're Surprised That He's Surprised.

You just couldn't stop thinking about what Square Enix gaffer Yoichi Wada said yesterday. Your eyes are bleary but still the quote replays in your mind, “We’ll be looking into [bringing Final Fantasy Versus XIII to the XBOX 360] internally until right before the formal announcement.” You're scared, tired and lonely. Good job we've got the equivalent of a textual hug for you then, eh? Valued reader, you'll be getting sleep tonight.

Seemingly non-plussed at the Final Fantasy Versus XIII reaction yesterday, Wada has dropped a little Tweet about the situation:

“It looks like the ‘net is heating up. Versus on Xbox?,” he said. “What I said at the earnings press conference was just that until a formal announcement is made at the announcement time, all points about all titles are not finalized.”

So - nothing is set in stone then. Perhaps Wada's throwing us off the scent for the inevitable "shoulder-tap" moment at the end of Microsoft's E3 press conference this year? Haha - either way, Microsoft announcing multiplatform games doesn't really carry the same weight as it used to these days does it?