$59.99 For One Of These Sounds About Right To Us.

ca</a> is trying to tell us, but it certainly gives a rough indication towards Sony's pricing strategy with the Playstation Move controller. Sort of. A listing on the Candian website pitches the Playstation Move controller at $59.99, with no mention of whether this includes a sub-controller or game, etc. Sony's said that they aim to get the price of a Playstation Move starter kit at around $100USD; that pack would include a Playstation Eye camera, a game and a Move controller. Sony's pricing structure is usually like for like between Canada and the US, so that would likely mean a $59.99USD price tag for what we assume to be a single Move controller. Which sounds about right to us, particularly if retailers plan individual deals and discounts.

We assume that would mean a £44.99 price tag here in the UK, with the afore-mentioned starter kit being in the £69.99 region. It all sounds reasonable, but the number of components "required" for Playstation Move may well bite Sony in the ass. We still absolutely have high hopes for Move, but there are a lot of "parts" to assembling it, and that's likely going to be the biggest hurdle for the motion controller.

Still, if Sony can announce even more great content for the controller at E3, we assume price concerns will fade a little. Particularly for people like yourself, who bother to visit and read a Playstation website. We just need the killer-app now, right?