Gran Turismo 5 Will Feature Top Gear's Infamous Test Track.

Speaking on the Top Gear website, the car-fanatic stated that he wanted the Top Gear track in the game because the program is "funny and interesting".

“We had a helicopter [to map the track] taking aerial photographs of the circuit, and had ground crews taking photos and measurements of the track all the way around. It took about three to four days to finish the whole thing," he said.

Kaz admits that he did try to drive the track, but couldn't get a feel for the racing-line.

“I tried driving it myself, but it’s really hard to find the driving line,” he admitted. "It’s so wide that it becomes difficult to find markers and visual points. It was only after I sat with the Stig as a passenger that I finally realized where all the turn-in points and the correct driving lines were."

The game's due this year. We hope.