Sony's Submitted A Ton Of New PSP Content To An American Ratings Board.

The list of games, discovered by Joystiq, appear to be download-only titles due to UMD not being listed as a potential release format. Detective work's also revealed that the games are unlikely to be Minis either, as the titles are only associated with the PSP - while Minis work on the Playstation 3 too.

Check out the full list of titles after the jump.

  • Busy Sweets Factory
  • Charge! Tank Squad!
  • Finger Connection
  • Homerun Hitters
  • Love Cupid
  • Music Quiz
  • One Two Boat Racing
  • Pile Up Bakery
  • Pinball Duel
  • Quiz Animania
  • Ramen Heaven
  • Sheep Defense
  • Shogi
  • Sweet Reversi
  • Tonzurakko