Sony Want To Win Over More "Savvy" Players With Playstation Move.

Speaking of motion control, Dille noted that the Wii has been supremely successful "but at the end of the day it's not a very precise experience". So far so, true?

So what has got the Internet's panties in a bunch? Well Dille stated that "hard-core gamers have looked down their nose at motion gaming: it's not particularly satisfying for them because it's not terribly precise or challenging, it's more social." In other words - if you're savvy enough to be reading a site like this, you probably have an opinion on motion control and the likelihood is it's not all that positive.

Dille reckons the Move will change that, while bringing in the "casual" family gamers too: "We'll have games that the whole family can play that are very social , but we'll also be able to do hard-core gamer games via a motion device that has never been done before. It's too early to say what the killer app or signature game is but we'll continue through the spring and late summer before we make a decision on which game is the poster child or the best one to move the Move."

We're not entirely sure why Dille's comments have generated such a strong backlash from the 'Net, but we suspect it's because the words came from a Sony mouth-piece. Still, we don't think anyone could deny having been disappointed by the Wii's original control set-up and the lack of support for Wii Motion Plus. Whether or not Sony can win over those who don't want to Move, Wii'll have to wait and see [sigh - Ed].