You Don't Need Big Sunglasses To Sing Leona Lewis' "Run".

For years Sony's karaoke platform has evolved - delivering iteration upon iteration to its core, yet somewhat niche, fanbase. And Sony's showing no sign of stopping that support with the addition of Vibrato. The new feature will allow you to pull your best Leona Lewis and actually score points for fluctuating held notes, rather than being penalised - something which occurs in Rock Band and Guitar Hero should you stray from the predetermined note line.

"We suggest honing your vibrato skill on Gold by Spandau Ballet, Street Spirit by Radiohead or one of the tracks from the Il Divo SongPack," noted Studio London's Chris Bruce on the PlayStation.Blog.

The update's due in June alongside another feature which will provide the ability to use the PSP as a remote control. By using the PSP, you'll be able to browse and queue up songs while others are singing. Which is totally awesome.