Retrofitted 3D PS3 Games Will Have To Sacrifice Some Image Quality To Enter The Extra Dimension.

30</a>, the Playstation 3 is virtually ready for the upcoming three-dimensional onslaught that about six people in the entire country will invest in. Nah seriously, we're quite excited about it just scared of the early adoption.

So attention has now turned to actual 3D content. For example, how does a game like Wipeout HD, which runs in a native 1080p, suddenly start rendering in 3D? The answer - according to Digital Foundry - is to scale down the visuals. Indeed, when playing 3D, Wipeout HD will run at a lower 720p. As for MotorStorm: Pacific Rift - it'll take its native 720p and go sub-HD (using the PS3's upscaling tech to make-up the difference).

It's not really a big issue. To be honest the introduction of a whole new dimension's likely to off-set the fact that you're losing a tiny amount in image quality. It's only videophiles whom are likely to care, but then, we suppose there's a case for those types being the only ones likely to adopt the tech in the first place.

Still it's worth noting that the games in question weren't originally developed with 3D in mind. They're using all the PS3's juice as is, and then suddenly have to find more. Go figure.

Still, Wipeout HD in three-dimensions is extremely tempting, even if it is now 720p (note: we don't really care).