Jack Tretton's Gonna Be There. We're Gonna Be There. Where Will You Be?

Scarily. It feels like it was only just Christmas. Whatever. June's coming. That means E3 is coming. And that means Sony are preparing for what might be one of the most important E3 conferences in the last four or five years.

We've just got word of the date too - June 15th. The event's set to kick off at the Shrine Auditorium from 11:30am PST. That's around 7:30PM here in the UK, and 8:30PM for the rest of Europe. Naturally we'll be around posting opinion on every big reveal.

As usual, Microsoft will once again precede Sony, with their event kicking off the day before.

We literally can't wait. Quick predictions: Gran Turismo 5 complete blowout spear-heading Sony's 3D philosophy, The Last Guardian gameplay, Twisted Metal reveal, Playstation Move line-up detailed, Uncharted 3 tease, Resistance 3 announcement and Killzone 3 gameplay closer.

We have a sneaking suspicion the PSP2's gonna show up too.

[Also - we checked. There's a Brazil game going on in the World Cup at the same time. It'll be fine to skip it.]