The Artistically Bold Machinarium May Yet Find Itself On Playstation 3.

com</a> late last week made some pretty bold claims regarding the PC's critical darling Machinarium and a potential publishing deal with Microsoft. A deal the company rejected according to claims. According to the article, Microsoft refused to publish the game because the product was not an XBOX exclusive, having already seen release on the PC and Mac.

The truth is perhaps not so straight forward — indeed it's unlikely that Microsoft denied a space for Machinarium, but instead demanded a publishing partner attached to the release. Something not required on the Playstation Network.

Machinarium's Jakub Dvorský clarified the situation to Joystiq: "They told us, 'It's not Microsoft-exclusive, we don't want it.' They didn't cite the Mac and Linux versions [as reasons for the refusal] but it's quite clear that's the reason. It means if we want to release the game on XBLA we must throw, probably, most of the profit out of the window — to the publisher. Just because we created Mac and Linux versions."

During the year-long debacle in trying to get Machinarium on XBOX Live, Jakub and the rest of the team at Amanita Design didn't express interest in submitting the game to the Playstation Network. But when prompted by Joystiq Jakub responded: "We submitted the game to Sony after Microsoft refused it."

It's not nice getting sloppy seconds, but Microsoft's loss may be Playstation's gain.