Free Realms PS3 Will Be Playable At E3 According To SOE.

Sony Online Entertainment announced a long-time ago that the PS3 would usher video games into the MMO-on-consoles era, with ports of Free Realms and their upcoming The Agency and DC Universe Online.

It's been a long time since those lofty heights were discussed - but now SOE's dropped the first-hint that the revolution's coming. Free Realms PS3 will be playable at E3.

The company told Kotaku: “Free Realms for the PlayStation 3 is very much in development and, you heard it here first, fans can be prepared to see the first demo in action in June at E3!”

The question remains: how exactly do you want to play something like Free Realms on PS3? Presumably not on a disc. Do you think it would work as an XMB application?