Oh Man. We Can Only Imagine This In 3D. Mmmm.

There'll be a new range of televisions from the electronics manufacturer, alongside a Playstation 3 firmware update that will bring the system and its blu-rays into the third-dimension. But, we're also expecting content. Gran Turismo 5 is a given for the launch of the new technology (hey - there's no better way to do it?) but what else can we expect?

Well, we're not sure of the full line-up just yet, but Sony's confirmed that those slapping down the cash for their new HX800 TV will get some freebie Playstation Network downloads to check out the stereoscopic technology. Samples include Super Stardust HD, PAIN, Wipeout HD and a level from MotorStorm: Pacific Rift.

It would be pretty sensible to suggest, then, that Super Stardust HD, Pain and Wipeout HD are all likely to get patched or re-released. MotorStorm: Pacific Rift is less likely, but expect MotorStorm 3 [D?] to be fully compatible with Sony's new tech.

It's happening, then. It's happening big-time.