In the video, Farsight's president Jay Obernolte describes the Playstation Move controller as head-and-shoulders above the competition "in terms of versatility". He continues to state that "it's hard to come up with mechanics that don't work with Playstation Move".

As for the actual bowling itself, Jay's keen to point out the accuracy of the Move controller lets you do a lot with your shots:

“The experience of bowling is totally different in an optical motion mechanic than in the motion mechanic of the PS3 Motion Controller, because when you bowl, you bring your arm back on the back-swing, and how you tilt your wrist during the forward swing of your arm has a lot to do with where the ball’s going to go in the lane.

"The amount of hook it gets and the direction of the ball when it leaves your hand are very difficult to get out of an optical mechanic.”

Sounds good. Check out the video embedded above for more.