FUCKKKKKKKKK! Bungie Sign With Activision To Develop A New IP For "Multiple Platforms".

The deal notes that Activision will have the rights to publish said games on "multiple platforms" meaning the once XBOX exclusive developers are almost certainly set to make the jump over to Playstation 3.

Those worried about the contract will do well to note that Activision will remain an independent company and will retain all rights to its intellectual property. The deal's taken over nine months to pen.

It was originally speculated that Microsoft would get first refusal on whatever game Bungie concocted next. However, it is unknown why the publisher has passed up on the latest project - perhaps hinting at Bungie's ambitions to go multiplatform.

Michael Pachter's told Gamasutra that the project is "well along in its development".

This is huge news for Playstation 3 owners. We want to hear your reaction to the once top-tier XBOX studio making the multiplatform jump.