Demon's Souls Is Finally Making The Journey To Europe Courtesy Of Namco.

The game will be released exclusively as a special pack called the "Black Phantom Edition", which includes a soundtrack, artbook and strategy guide. The latter being pretty necessary from what we've heard about Demon's Souls' difficulty.

“We’re very pleased to be working with SCEI to bring the fantastic Demon’s Souls to gamers outside of Japan and North America,” said Oliver Comte, VP of Marketing, Sales and Publishing at NBP.

“The game is exactly the kind of quality experience with which we are continuing to grow the NAMCO BANDAI Games portfolio of titles, and we will be working hard to ensure it’s at least as much of a success in our markets as it has already proven to be elsewhere.”

European players have been calling out for a Western release of Demon's Souls for months now. The game's been something of an underground hit in America, and is likely to sell well here in Europe despite its late arrival.

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