Cohort Studios Are Working On The Move Rails Shooter, The Shoot.

"The PlayStation Move is a great piece of hardware," said Scragg, whose studio is working on the tentatively titled Move rails-shooter The Shoot. "It has a fantastic feel to it and it's incredibly accurate. We've had no issues with it, and the hardware and the libraries have come on well.

"Having used both controllers a lot, I'd say it was clear that the Move controller is so much more accurate [than the Wii]," said Scragg. "And it's not just across the X and Y-axis either, the Z axis is really accurate as well.

"I understand that, if you read any of the forums, you'll [see] people state they don't need motion control, but that's because they've likened motion control to the Wii. Once Sony and Microsoft start releasing their own games for their motion controllers, I think the core will come round to it."

We're not so sure about that Scragg - but if the games are good then people will definitely play them. And that's the main thing really, isn't it? Despite all the hate, we're personally very excited about the upcoming PlayStation Move games.