Legendary Broken Sword Deveoper Charles Cecil Loves Heavy Rain But Thinks It's Flawed.

“Half way through I thought it was a work of absolute genius,” said the Broken Sword man .

“When I finished it, I still thought it was a work of genius but deeply flawed. There’s a lot of questions it asks, and I think some of those are answered really well, and others are flawed.

“But I really admire David Cage, his team and the work they have done. I think it’s good for the adventure game, I think it’s good for the industry overall.”

So where does Cecil's beef lie?

“Without spoiling anything, you discover something at the end that’s incredibly important about one of the characters you’ve been playing, which creates an incredible disconnect between the audience and the character – and I think that is deeply, deeply flawed,” he said.

He's right of course, but we didn't really come away from the game thinking "oh man, this game is so flawed". In fact, given the intricacies of the plot and the ambition, we were surprised there were so few plot holes.

[source thelostgamer.com]