Selling Used Games Is Becoming Increasingly More Complicated.

A growing concern for retailers around the world dealing in the sale of used video games.

But UK retailer GAME are being proactive about video game publishers' new model, vowing to label relevant releases with warning tags.

“We have been developing a policy for notifying customers at the point of purchase which was implemented last week in-store,” a GAME spokesperson told MCV.

“Pre-owned copies of applicable titles have stickers on them saying ‘check with staff for availability of downloadable content’, giving staff the chance to explain clearly the difference so that our customers understand the benefits of buying both pre-owned and mint.”

It definitely sounds like a much fairer practice on the consumer, but we do wonder whether the typical employees within a GAME store will be able to correctly inform the customer on a per-game basis. That's not a slight against the employees of the stores, more an admission of the monstrous task it's going to be keeping tabs on which features are exclusive to which games.