Activision Are Presumably Expecting More Staff Loss At Infinity Ward.

There's not much to tell really. The once high-profile studio has suffered a pretty enormous exodus, and Activision blogger Dan Amrich reckons there's more to come. Posting on a Bobby Kotick Facebook group (ahem), the Activision man stated there was still plenty of talent at the studio, despite many high-profile employees leaving.

“More people will probably go too, looking for new situations. Maybe they will join Respawn, maybe not. I’m confused, because by leaving, they are giving up their bonus — and the more people that leave, the bigger the bonus gets for the people who stay.”

Despite the demolition of Infinity Ward however, Dan is still pretty confident about the future of the Call Of Duty franchise, citing that there are three games in the franchise on the horizon.

“As for COD, [Activision's] confirmed three games in the next two years. Seeing as how there is a pattern of one new COD game every year, this is one new COD game from one new developer, and in a different genre from the core games we’ve seen.”

We're actually really excited for Treyarch's Call Of Duty game this year. Just got this feeling about it...