God Of War III Is Done, But Sony Santa Monica Don't Know What's Next.

Literally weeks away. And with that, Sony Santa Monica are kinda turning their attention elsewhere — namely, like what they're going to make next.

Talking to IndustryGamers, Senior Producer Steve Caterson revealed his studio really don't know what they're going to do next.
“I have no idea! I just finished three years of my life on God of War III and seven years on the God of War series – I have kids younger than that! We’re excited to work on large projects but it’s not a decision that’s made flippantly and we’re going to take our time with it,” he said.

“The only game I had the chance to play through the past few years was Dead Space; there are other games that have released that I want to have a chance to sit down and have those experiences! Actually playing some of those great games out there and seeing what other developers are doing… I’m looking for to it – that’s the best part of finishing a game!”</blockquote>

Steve did state that God Of War III marks the end of the Kratos story-arc, but it is not the end of the franchise. We're hoping for some kind of Viking mythology. That would be awesome, right?