The L.A. Times Are Reporting That PS3 Stock Shortages Could Hinder God Of War III's Performance.

Not only has the month already seen the arrival of Final Fantasy XIII, a traditionally Playstation franchise, but it's also about to witness the arrival of one of Playstation's biggest exclusive franchises: God Of War III.

Sadly, there's a hitch. While Sony have two of the biggest games possible this month, they're also struggling to meet stock demands in America - arguably where the region they simply need to be delivering in.

The L.A. Times notes that depleted stock across America (both retail and online) could hinder God Of War III's potential performance for the month of March.
“It’s not ideal, I won’t kid you,” Sony’s Jack Tretton said of the situation. “But I firmly believe we’ll get our hardware back in stock and keep selling God of War III for a long time.”</blockquote>

Still, stock shortages in a month where Playstation 3 should be ripping the competition to threads are a little concerning. But then - it's a concern Sony will be pleased to have, considering the slow start the system had in the US.
“We ultimately don’t make investments on a product-by-product or month-by-month basis, but rather we invest in our platform,” Tretton said, explaining Sonny’s marketing and support strategy.

“This game will pay off for us with the people who own a PlayStation 3 and the ones who will buy one in the future.”</blockquote>

If you're in America and want a Playstation 3, we insist you get phoning around stores right about now.