Sony's WWS Europe VP Reckons Playstation Move Will Be A System Seller.


When asked by the publication whether Sony's motion controller will drive sales, Denny responded:
“It’s going to do absolutely both of those things. If you’ve already got a PlayStation then it’s a great additive experience.

“It can add to existing games, or existing franchises that people already know. We’ll bring new IPs, new experiences for it – but as I said before, the stage we’re at in the life cycle with PS3, it can help us broaden the audience now, as we’d expect to do at this time anyway.”</blockquote>

After the intial "Wii-too" criticism that flew out of GDC, reports from both the press and gamers have been pretty positive for Sony's new motion control. The tech looks solid, and while the initial batch of games didn't look quite there yet, the potential seems awesome.

We're excited about E3.