Resistance 3 Ain't Getting Officially Revealed This Week.

Insomniac's come out and said that the "surprise Sony sequel" due to be revealed this week ain't got nothing to do with Resistance 3.

Posting on NeoGAF, Insomniac's community manager James Stevenson claimed to know what the big Sony title being revealed was, but claimed that it is "not a game from Insomniac". We discussed only yesterday how we assumed Sony would save a game such as Resistance 3 for an event like E3.

We have everything crossed for Syphon Filter, MediEvil, or a jet-ski focused MotorStorm 3 right now.

[Update @ 11:38 - Fingers are pointing at Ape Escape too, especially with a presumed Playstation Motion Controller reveal at GDC]