Blacklight Is Set In A Near Future Technologically Driven Dystopia.

The game, in development at Zombie Studios, is based around a special military unit known as "Blacklight". Duh! The Blacklight team are essentially hand-picked uber-soldiers, and they work directly for the secretary of defence.

Blacklight is essentially a near-future shooter, but Ignition are key to hone the point that it is based on realism rather than fiction. For example, the game's weapons are based on real blueprints — such as the "Hyper Reality Visor", a headset "that uses its own electronic pulse and nearby electro-magnetic fields to render the world in a new way, allowing soldiers to see what is otherwise invisible".

Ignition are billing this game as one of the "most advanced games ever released solely through downloadable channels" and it's certainly sounding fully featured.

Whether it'll pull people away from big budget boxed releases such as Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield, time will tell.