GDC 10: Sony Playstation GDC Keynote Recap.

Lots of things were announced including Sony's new motion control solution, the Playstation Move. Here's a full recap of tonight's events:

  • Playstation Motion Controller unveiled. Will appeal to the hardcore and casual gamers. The controller will be officially named the Playstation Move.
  • Modnation Racers reconfirmed for the Spring.
  • Gran Turismo 5 will ship this year. Sony's promised.
  • Sony saving some surprises for E3.
  • Playstation Move starter kit: Playstation Eye, game, Controller. Will also launch with a hardware system. Sony's biggest effort of the year. Starter kit will be under $100.
  • Gladiator Duel (working title) announced for Playstation Move. Is basically an arena combat game. Controls look incredibly accurate. Part of a bigger game Sports Champions. Also incldes Ping-Pong.
  • Move Party is an augmented reality party game. It's pretty amazing. A big deal for casual gamers. Super-imposes the player into the game.
  • LittleBigPlanet will be integrated with Playstation Move. Allows instant co-op play — one player as Sackboy. Another as an object manipulator.
  • Motion Fighters is a street fighting game designed for Playstation Move. Has a pretty gritty look to it. Real punching rather than waggling.
  • Playstation Move will include a sub controller, Move's nunchuck accessory.
  • SOCOM 4 will be a Playstation Move game. Demoes using the Playstation Move and Sub-controller accessory. Looks like a lot of fun. Aiming looks good. Plays like a Wii game in HD.
  • Sony announced that virtually every third-part publisher are working on Playstation Move. Activision, SEGA, all names brought up.
  • More announcements to come regarding Playstation Move in the near future.

Sony concluded by confirming that Playstation Move will be playable at GDC for all those attending the event at San Francisco. That was a pretty big blow out.