Screenshots Don't Even Do It Justice.

Goldeneye? The bungie jump was cool. Shenmue? "Fuku-san!". No matter how deep I dive, I can't find an opening as strong as God Of War III's. A sixty-minute period in which everything that makes the God Of War franchise a success is crammed, turned on its head, and amplified to 11. As of next week, when people talk about Playstation 3, and particularly the power of the system, I hope they have flash-backs to the opening sixty-minutes of God Of War III. They are unbelievable.

God Of War is such an interesting franchise. Each game's opening has topped the last. The sea-monster was pretty awesome, right? But dude - the big colossus thing was even more awesome, right? Nah — they both pale, literally pale, in comparison to what's happening in God Of War III. There's ridiculous camera work, insane visuals, crazy mechanics that turn the gameplay on its head constantly, and unreal animation. It's a sight to behold.

When Nathan Drake fell from a vertical train compartment, we all watched with awe. But when Kratos fights a horrific horse-spider on the back of a Titan storming Mount. Olympus, well, it make's Uncharted 2's opening feel weak. And that's not an insult to Uncharted 2 in anyway — it's just confirmation that Santa Monica has lifted the bar a few steps higher.

It's hard to imagine how any development team can catch up with Sony's first-party right now. The Sony teams are releasing games that leave other developers for dust. People fawn over Final Fantasy XIII but I'm not seeing anything in that game visually to get me excited. It's a good looking game, no doubt, but when you're used to Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted and God Of War, it looks "fine" at best.

And it's a problem I'm having with most non-Sony games these days. They just fail to excite me visually in the same ways the Sony games do. Sure, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 looks fantastic - but it's no Killzone 2 is it? Without any hint of bias, I just feel like Sony are making other developer's games look ordinary.

I fully expect The Last Guardian to be the next Sony developed title to practically put all other games to shame. I just feel sorry for the non-Sony developers. No sooner than they manage to catch-up with something like Uncharted: Drake's Fortune — Uncharted 3 will already be raising the bar three rungs higher.

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