God Of War III's Length Really Isn't A Topic For Discussion.

"But God Of War III is only eight hours and Final Fantasy XIII is fifty - I'll rent Kratos' epic last hurrah instead." Quality over quantity - how many have heard that phrase? You should have, it's a popular comment and it's absolutely relevant to this point of discussion. It doesn't matter how long God Of War III is - because every moment of that perfectly crafted adventure is mind-blowingly amazing. So exactly what are you complaining about again?

There's been forum-posts, blog stories and comments all over the Internet the last few days. Apparently Sony Santa Monica's studio director claimed God Of War III is 12-hours long. Whatever - it took us nine hours in our review playthough. Does that make the game carry less value? Absolutely, absolutely not. Every single moment of God Of War III is pure epic thriller. Set-piece after set-piece. Perfectly constructed puzzle after perfectly constructed puzzle. Gorgeous vista after gorgeous vista.

Compare that to Final Fantasy XIII's adventure. Drawn out corridors. Lengthy convoluted cut-scenes. Yes, the experience will last you longer. But it's also watered down. Make no mistake, Final Fantasy XIII is a good game - but if you're comparing the length between Square Enix's game and Sony Santa Monica's - simply, you're doing it wrong.

It's not God Of War III's length that's important: it's the journey. So what if you can complete it in less than ten hours — you're going to see things in that span of time that you've never experienced before. And that's really the true point of discussion here.