Sony's Michael Denny Reckons GDC Was A Great Event For Move.

He told Eurogamer that he felt the event was the "right" place to go public with the Playstation Move.
“It’s just a very exciting time to show it off,” said the exec.

“The time felt right to announce something new at GDC. We’ve already released a lot of content this year, there’s a lot to come, we’ve got a lot of announcements to come at E3 as well.

“With it launching later in the year we thought it was important to explain to people where we’re going with it. The software’s in a good state to put in people’s hands.”</blockquote>

But Denny was keen to highlight that what we saw at GDC was not everything. According to the Sony man, there'll be plenty more at E3:
“In terms of announcements [at E3] generally in relation to PlayStation platforms and particularly games that are coming later in the year, absolutely,” he said.

“Very exciting announcements, I’m sure.”</blockquote>

So there you have it, seems there's plenty to look forward to.

In other news, Sony's Scott Rhodes has told Joystiq that "Playstation Network is an integrated part of what we do," hinting that Move games are likely to find a home on the PSN aswell as in retail packages.