Expect More Horrific Head-Ripping In Dead Space 2.

Usually, it's extremely frustrating when you die in a video game because it's a condition of failure. But in Dead Space, you actually got a grotesque reward for your failure - a clever little cut-scene that varied depending on the enemy showing Isaac get dismembered and pulled to pieces. One for the sadists.

With Dead Space 2, Visceral Games are looking towards you, the dear public, to come up with some particularly gross dismemberments as part of a contest.

You can submit your entry in three ways: a written description, a photograph, or a video (note: we suggest you don't actually dismember anyone as part of your entry as the police might come knocking at your door). You've got until March 26th to submit your entry. Winners will get their face mapped into the game, and will subsequently enjoy watching their digital-self be ripped to pieces by a Necromorph. Cool prize, bro.

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