Free From The Shackles Of Master Chief, Bungie Are Now Free To Work On PS3.

But speaking about the companies' next move after Halo: Reach, they've hinted at the possibility of supporting Playstation 3.
"All options are open right now," Bungie's community manager Brian Jarrard told IndustryGamers. "So long as we find the best possible fit for our creative vision and what this project is going to be."</blockquote>

Asked specifically about Playstation 3 development, Jarrard noted that specific platforms hadn't yet been decided, but that the company were remaining open-minded.
"We definitely have plans in the works, and I think we're really close to understanding of what is next and who, what, when, where, that's all going to land."</blockquote>

Jarrard was coy about what Bungie's next game will be. What type of game would you like to see Bungie bring to Sony's system?