Hey PS3 Owners, Lost Planet 2 Is Being Cut From Your Version Of The Game Because The XBOX 360 DVD Can't Hold It.

This is going to cause a huge backlash. Capcom's producer for Lost Planet 2, Jun Takeuchi, has essentially admitted that content has been cut from the sequel because of limitations on the XBOX 360 disc. Limitations that, yo, aren't really relevant to Playstation 3's blu-ray.
"There wasn't especially any big trouble [with the development of the game]. More than those kind of difficulties, the edited content was way too much and dealing with that was more difficult than anything."This time, truly, the content that was cut was significant," Takeuchi added, "and at the end, we had to wrestle with disc space."</blockquote>

So, Playstation 3 owners, you're essentially getting a stripped down version of Lost Planet 2 because the XBOX 360 still utilises DVDs. Top-tip Capcom: either don't tell anyone about this, or next time, instead of cutting content from both versions, leave the goodies on the discs that actually have space to contain it.

We're all hot and bothered now. No doubt said content will come be released as DLC a few days after release.